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Transformative Website Style Guide: Site Index

This guide offers practical advice on creating a transformative library website.


The site index below serves to help organize your service offerings and representation on your site.  It is not intended to be a specific list of pages or services your library should offer. This is an example of how services a library offers could be mapped and accounted for when considering their representation on a transformative website.  This site index will be unique to the information and services your library currently offers and which of those you may choose to deliver via your website.

Site Index


Find Materials

  • Using Library Search

  • By Topic

  • Books in Various Formats

  • Articles

  • Audio

  • Video

  • Textbooks and Course Materials

  • Special Collections and Archival Materials

  • Other Types of Materials

  • In the Library by Call Number

  • Using Other Catalogs

Borrow and Return

  • Who Can Borrow

  • How Long You Can Keep Items

  • Renew Your Items

  • Request Return of Checked-out Items

  • Where to Return Items

  • Reminders and Overdue Items

  • Checkout Special Items and Equipment

Request Modifications for Accessibility

Use Course Reserves

  • Put Materials on Reserve

  • Find Materials on Reserve

  • Checkout Locations

Onsite Use of Special Collections

Access Online Resources

  • On Campus

  • Remote Access



Spaces descriptions can include services, images of spaces, floorplans, and descriptions of services and resources available.

Study Spaces

  • Quiet Spaces

  • Collaborative Spaces

  • Bookable Rooms and Carrels

Creation and Learning Spaces

  • Computer Labs

  • Instruction Rooms

  • Creation Spaces / Studios

Cafes and Wellbeing

  • Cafes

  • Reflection/Meditation Rooms

  • Lactation Rooms

  • Changing Tables

Computing and Technology

  • Computing (Labs, Adaptive Technologies, Wireless)

  • Printing, Scanning, Copying

  • Guest Computing and Printing

  • Specialized Technology (Video, Music, Specialized software access)

Events and Exhibits

  • Today and Upcoming Events and Exhibits

  • Online Exhibits

  • Events

  • Annual Events

Floor Plans

  • Floorplans for each library or designated area

Information Desks

  • Ask a Librarian desk location and services

Reference, Research, and Scholarship

Help with Research

  • Find a Specialist

  • Find Resources with Research Guides

  • How We Can Help (List of research support services)

  • Citation Management

  • Dissertation Formatting

  • Non-English Research Support

  • Funding and Grants

  • Research Impact

  • Share and Preserve Your Work

  • Publish with Us

Instruction and Course Support

  • Request Instruction

  • Get Course Design Help

  • Use Modules and Tutorials in Canvas

  • Access Materials and Reserves

Create and Design

  • Design Graphics and Visuals

  • Edit Video

  • Produce Audio

  • Create a Website

  • Develop a Spreadsheet

  • Make and Print 3D Models

  • Use a Letterpress

Digital Projects and Planning

  • How We Support Digital Scholarship

  • Request a Consultation

  • Get Help with Funding Requests

  • Connect with Us

Data Services

  • Get the Data You Need

  • Geospatial Data and Mapping

  • Make a Data Management Plan

  • Metadata Consultation

  • Text and Data Mining

  • Data Visualization

  • Share and Preserve your Data

Copyright Services

  • Connect with Us

  • Copyright and Teaching

  • Our Advocacy

  • Guides

  • Copies Made by Libraries and Archives

  • Forms

Library Workshops and Credit Courses

  • Drop-in Workshops

  • Library Courses

Course Reserves

Put Material On Reserve

  • Placing your request

  • Notifying your students

Find Materials On Reserve

  • Search for Course Materials

  • Learning Management System

  • Borrowing and returning course reserve item

Checkout Locations

  • Circulation Locations

  • Onsite viewing locations

Interlibrary loan

Borrow and Return

  • Who Can Borrow

  • Student Borrowing

  • Faculty and Staff Borrowing

  • Visiting Scholar Borrowing

  • Guests and Alumni Borrowing

  • Borrowing Agreements with Other Institutions

Borrowing details

  • How Long You Can Keep Items

  • Renew Your Items

  • Request Return of Checked-out Items

  • Where to Return Items

  • Reminders and Overdue Items

  • Checkout Special Items and Equipment

Request Options

  • Request Contactless Pickup

  • Request Microforms for Onsite Use

  • Request Items from Another Institution Using Interlibrary Loan

  • Get Items Off the Shelves

    • Example:  Stacks that hold books and other materials across library locations are open for browsing and retrieving, with the exception of materials in “offsite shelving,”

      • See finding materials by call number for help locating items in the stacks. 

      • Having trouble finding an item in the stacks? Place a Get This request using Library Search to pick it up at a library desk. We will look for the item and be in touch.

  • Pick Up Items at a Library Desk

  • Request Delivery to Your Department



Digital Collections

  • Digital Collections A-Z

  • Find by Format

  • About the digital collections

Recommend a purchase

  • Purchase request form / process

Collecting Areas

  • Subject Areas

  • Collection development policies / practices

  • Subject Liaisons / Specialists

About Us

About the Library

  • Our Organization

  • Mission and Values

  • Strategic Directions and Objectives

  • Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility

  • Library Technology System Changes

  • Advocacy for Employees

  • Assessment

  • Library Council

  • Library Blogs

Staff Directory

Divisions and Departments

  • Deans' Office

  • Collections

  • Learning and Teaching

  • Library Information Technology

  • Michigan Publishing

  • Operations

  • Research

  • HathiTrust

Access During COVID-19

  • Building Access

  • Research Help and Instruction

  • Returning Borrowed Items

  • Borrowing and Access to Collections

  • Course Materials Support

  • Guest Access


Work for Us

  • Librarian and Staff Positions

  • Jobs for Students

Partner with Us

  • Student Consultants

  • Host an Event

  • Install an Exhibit

  • Promote your Department, Service, or Event

  • Propose Your Unique Collaboration Idea

  • Support for Campus Book Clubs

  • Plan an Educational Visit


  • Ask a Librarian Guidelines

  • Building Access Policy

  • Collections Access Policy

  • Copyright Policy

  • Digital Repository Services Digital Preservation Policy

  • Disaster Response and Recovery Plan for Library Collections

  • Digital Scholarship Framework and Policy

  • Library Privacy Statement

  • Retention and Withdrawals Policy

  • Statement on Appropriate Use of Electronic Resources

  • Takedown Policy for Addressing Copyright Concerns