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Social Media: Best Practices: Overview

Advice and best practices for library social media use

Social Media Tools

Here are some tools that can help you with your social media posting.

General Advice

In general, do not post the same thing to multiple social media channels. If you have something important enough that it needs to be shared in multiple places, change the captions and/or photo for each platform to add variety to the content. This will demonstrate to people that they should follow you on multiple platforms in order to see all your content. One exception: cross-posting videos to Instagram Reels and TikTok is a great idea.

"Institutional culture influences the success of any program." (Andrea Wright, 2013). This guide contains general best practices for social media but you know your campus culture best. Remember that some content will work better on some campuses than on others and embrace this. What's special and quirky about your campus and library? Highlight that on your social media and have fun with it! 

Where are your users?

The data below is from Pew Research in Jan of 2024 on social media demographics for the selected platforms covered on this guide. 

18-29 year olds: 30-49 year olds: 50-64 year olds: 65+:
93% - YouTube 92% - YouTube 83% - YouTube 60% - You Tube

78% - Instagram

59% - Instagram 35% - Instagram 15% - Instagram
67% - Facebook 75% - Facebook 69% - Facebook 58% - Facebook
65% - Snapchat 30% - Snapchat

13% - Snapchat

4% - Snapchat
62% - TikTok 39% - TikTok 24% - TikTok 10% - TikTok
42% - Twitter 27% - Twitter 17% - Twitter 6% - Twitter


Have a suggestion for a type of example content or advice to add to this guide? Please let us know using the contact information to the right!

PALNI Marketing Outreach Toolkit

Be sure to use the PALNI Marketing Outreach Toolkit in conjunction with this guide for new content suggestions!

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