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Social Media: Best Practices: Creating Content

How To Create

The TIkTok interface is fairly simple to navigate, with similar options to Instagram's stories mode.

Your first option is to Add sound. This interface will let you choose which sound you'd like to use in your video. You can save sounds to your favorites by clicking on them while viewing a video. This will let you easily reuse them in your own video. Once you've found the sound you'd like to use, click the red check mark. 

Next, you can apply any of the options along the right hand side. 

The first option for Flip will let you use a selfie camera.

The second option is the Speed, which will let you speed up or slow down your video.

The third option is Beauty, which is a specific filter that's available.

The fourth option is Filters, which gives you more filters beyond Beauty mode.

The fifth option is Timer. This gives you 3 to 10 seconds to get into place before your video recording start.

The final option is Flash, which turns off or on the flash.

At the bottom of the screen are two more options. Effects to add even more filter type options to your videos, and Upload to allow you to upload existing photos or videos.

The final option allows you to use Templates with your photos.

TikTok Interface Overview

Content Ideas

The most popular videos on TikTok will be linked to something that is currently trending. The best way to know what's trending is to be an active TikTok user. But there are a few ways you can look for trends without spending hours watching TikTok videos.

First, you can use a site like This site shows you which sounds are trending this week.

You can also scroll through the trends on the Discover tab of the app. The three trending items below could all easily be adapted for library use.

Trending Items on TikTok


Once you have a video to post, include a short caption and the appropriate hashtags.

Previous Trends


(Don't worry we're just relocating the reference books) Student worker @reina.brooke with the moves ##librarytok ##understoodtheassignment ##fyp

♬ The Assignment - Tay Money

#PutAFingerDown Librarian Edition for #BookLoversDay on 8/9

@epplibrary Just over here perpetuating the Librarian & cardi stereotype

Apparently Herbie's gone full rule-breaker mode with everyone gone


Coyotes, get your library card.