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Social Media: Best Practices: Creating Content

Content Ideas

Facebook content works best when targeted at the Millennial 30-49 age range. For most academic libraries, this means that your audience on Facebook is not your students, but rather your staff, faculty, and alumni. So you should focus on content on Facebook designed to engage this audience.

  • Audience participation
    • By far, this is your best avenue to successful engagement. Posts that inspire people to add comments will gain far more traction with the Facebook algorithm than anything else.
  • Student workers
    • News and photos about student workers are popular with both your students, as well as your staff, faculty, and alumni. Win-win!
  • Institutional giving
    • Posting about institutional giving initiatives will also garner appreciation from other campus departments.
  • Staff
    • News and photos about your staff is a great piece of content for the Facebook audience.
  • Displays
    • Information about displays can do well on Facebook, especially if photographed well and with minimal text.
  • Building photos
    • Photos of your library building can be popular--choose days with good light and creative angles for more interesting photos.
  • News articles
    • News articles may not be the most popular content on your Facebook feed but are a solid thing to keep in your repertoire.
  • Stories
    • After stories became popular in Instagram, they were also added for Facebook. If you are already creating Instagram stories, you can try cross-posting them to Facebook for further engagement potential.

Creating Content