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WorldShare Collection Manager: KB Custom Collections

This guide provides documentation for creating and managing electronic resource collections in the knowledge base (KB) in Collection Manager.

KB Custom Collections Documentation

OCLC Documentation


Modify a KBART File for an Existing KB Collection Using Access

Creating a KB Collection Using MARC Records

Modify a KBART File

Methods for Selecting a Subset of Titles in a KBART File

Using VLOOKUP in Excel is one method to select titles in a KBART file. Another method is to use the information you have from the vendor, whether is is a text or an Excel file, in order to write a query in Access to identify the titles that match OCLC's KBART file. Contact Lisa if you would like assistance with using this method. MARC records can also be used to select titles in a KBART file, either via MarcEdit or a script. Contact PALNI staff for more information.

Vendors Providing KBART Files Directly


Cambridge Core





Oxford University Press

University of Chicago Press


Create a Custom (Private) Collection

OCLC KBART Template Instructions for Creating a KB Collection

Use this template to add a new collection to your WorldCat knowledge base (a collection not available in the global WorldCat knowledge base).

You might not have data for every column. Some columns are mandatory and some require specific formatting. The date formats and the actions for the ACTION column are elements to note, especially.

The Collection ID (oclc_collection_id) is required. To create the Collection ID, sign in to the WorldShare interface and navigate to Collection Manager.

•Click "Create a Collection."
•Enter a title and get the Collection ID for your spreadsheet.
•Choose if you want or do not want the collection to be customizable. Customizable local collections require a unique numerical value be input for each title in the oclc_entry_id column of a KBART file upload.

Remember to save your file as a .txt tab delimited file before uploading the data.


Tips for Creating Custom Collections

OCNs for Custom Collections

When you upload a KBART file with few or no OCNs, OCLC's algorithm may fill in some OCNs for you. Once there is an OCN for a title, OCLC may fill in grouped OCNs for the title in other formats. The purpose of this feature is to enable links to an online version of the title from other versions of that title. This is not the same feature as adding your holdings to a particular OCLC record. If you have enabled holdings to be set based on your knowledge base, then the title will appear as held by your library for the particular OCN selected in the KBART file. In some cases, several OCLC records are FRBRized into one item on the Discovery hit list. If some of the records from the grouped OCNs for a particular title are not FRBRized, however, you may see a link to an item for a title from a record that is not held by you on the Discovery hit list.