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WorldShare Collection Manager: KB Collections for DDA and Document Delivery

This guide provides documentation for creating and managing electronic resource collections in the knowledge base (KB) in Collection Manager.

DDA and Document Delivery Documentation

OCLC Documentation

Use Collection Manager for content from a specific provider - an overview of all the relationships OCLC maintains with content providers with regards to providing MARC records in WorldCat and KBART files in Collection Manager.

How are DDA collections maintained? - includes suggestions for local maintenance for DDA titles.

Get It Now (unmediated service) - configuration instructions for Get It Now in the Discovery A-Z list.

Get It Now (mediated service) - an overview of configuration settings in WorldShare ILL.

Get It Now (mediated service) - an overview of configuration settings in Tipasa.

Article Galaxy from Reprints Desk - a document delivery supplier available in Tipasa. Articles are available from at least 70 providers through Reprints Desk.

PALNI Documentation

FIZ Autodoc - Saint Mary's College and Document Delivery - a LibGuide on the library's program for providing access to ACS journals.

DDA Collections

OCLC Documentation for DDA/PDA


Providers and contacts for automatic collection loading - DDA content providers usually provide automatic feeds to set your holdings in the KB, but not all DDA/EBA vendors provide this service, and some of the vendors providing automatic holdings are not DDA vendors.

How are DDA collections automatically maintained - an overview of the process for setting holdings on purchased DDA titles when vendors provide this option through OCLC.

PALNI Libraries and DDA/PDA/EBA

At least one PALNI library is using DDA/PDA/EBA programs from Alexander Street Press, Cambridge, Ebsco, Film Platform, Gale, Kanopy, JSTOR, Project Muse, ProQuest, or Rittenhouse. Other publishers/platforms with programs include DeGruyter, Docuseek and Sage. See the PALNI shared drive for a description of these programs.

Get It Now Document Delivery

Get It Now Article-on-Demand

Get It Now is an article-on-demand service available through the Copyright Clearance Center, and can be offered as a mediated service through ILL or as an unmediated service through the A-Z list. While the Get It Now unmediated service includes configuring the collection in the knowledge base, Get It Now is essentially a fulfillment option present in the A-Z list, rather than a separate link available from the citation in Discovery. In other words, patrons have to click on the fulfillment option from the citation in Discovery in order to see the Get It Now option, which will not show up directly on the Discovery citation for the article.

Document Delivery from Publishers

Article-on-Demand Publisher Direct Options

Several publishers provide options for article-on-demand directly through their platforms. Depending on the publisher, a variety of content can be available through these programs, including journal articles, book chapters and entries in reference works. Wiley provides specific KB collections for their program. You have the option of including a collection note or a title note for KB collections/titles you activate if you are offering these options directly to your patrons in WorldCat. Publishers with these options include:

See the PALNI shared drive for a description of these programs.