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WorldShare Collection Manager: KB Standard Collections

This guide provides documentation for creating and managing electronic resource collections in the knowledge base (KB) in Collection Manager.

KB Standard Collections Documentation

OCLC Documentation


Making Changes for KB Collections You Have Selected

Updating Multiple Titles in KB Collections

When you add, delete or change information for titles in a KB collection, you have the option to "Update changes only" or "Replace holdings in collection" when you upload a KBART file. When uploading a file, leave the default File encoding UTF-8 unless the collection data includes Latin/Roman diacritics, in which case use the File encoding drop-down list to change the default selection to ISO-88591 (LATIN-1). If your collection data includes Non-Latin/Non-Roman characters, choose UTF-16LE (Unicode Text/Excel).

When you create a collection for the first time, leave the default "Update changes only" option selected, and use "raw" in the ACTION field of your file. When you upload a KBART file subsequently, use "Update changes only," if you are uploading a file with changes for some of the titles. When uploading "update changes only," use "select," "covoverlay" or "overlay" in the ACTION field. "Select" is for no changes, "covoverlay" is for coverage changes, and "overlay" is for all other changes.

If you select "Replace holdings in collection," then the KBART file you are uploading will completely replace the existing KBART file. Use "replace holdings in collection" when deleting titles - download the existing KBART, delete the rows for the titles you want to delete, and then upload the edited KBART file.


Title-by-Title Changes in KB Collections

Changing Title-level Fields One Title at a Time

Some title-level information can only be viewed in the KBART file. Other information can be viewed/edited from the Title pencil edit link on the collection Titles list. Edits on title-by-title information at the local level using the pencil edit icon should not be overridden by global updates.


KBART field



Title ID




Title URL




Vendor ID(identifier)






Coverage(journal only)

date_first_issue_online, num_first_vol_online, num_first_issue_online, date_last_issue_online, num_last_vol_online, num_last_issue_online, embargo_info, coverage_depth

ISBN(ebook, audio, video, image in coverage_depth)


Date(ebook, audio, video, image in coverage_depth)

date_first_issue_online, date_last_issue_online

Public Note


Staff Note(not public)


Coverage Note


Linking Key



Edit Existing KB Title

Using the Filters When Searching Your KB Collections in Collection Manager

Updates to Global Collections

Cooperative Management of the KB

There are two kinds of collections in the global knowledge base - standard collections and cooperative collections. Standard collections are contributed by vendors, while cooperative collections are contributed by libraries using the knowledge base. This documentation outlines two ways to contribute to improving standard collections by either approving changes recommended by other libraries, or editing OCNs in a standard collection.

Editing and Sharing Changes in a Global Collection

At this time, OCLC is recommending that libraries only update collections on the changes retained spreadsheet, since your updates may be overwritten by vendor automatic updates for collections not on the list, which is searchable here. OCLC has documented the history of the development of the Cooperative Management program with this 2014 report. Phase Two from this development plan included implementing these procedures to edit OCNs in existing collections.

Local and Global Changes in Cooperative Management

You can edit and save changes to all editable fields in both Local and Global title level records. However, you can make Global level changes only for titles in non-customizable collections, and OCLC advises that you only make changes in collections from the changes retained list. Otherwise, the only changes retained at the Global level for both customizable and non-customizable collections are OCLC number changes.

Submitting OCN Changes for the KB

If you are not able to update OCN changes to a global collection using cooperative management, you can submit changes to OCNs to OCLC support using the OCLC Number correction form. You will need to include the following:

Description of Reporting Sheet Values

The name of the collection as it exists in the Collection Name field of the collection’s Properties tab in the user interface.

The provider name is the first half of the Collection ID, as determined by splitting the Collection ID at its period. The Collection ID is found in its corresponding field in the collection’s Properties tab in the user interface. For example:
Academic Search Complete has the Collection ID “EBSCOhost.a9h”
Its provider name would therefore be “EBSCOhost”

The table name is the second half of the Collection ID, as determined by splitting the Collection ID at its period. The Collection ID is found in its corresponding field in the collection’s Properties tab in the user interface. For example:
Academic Search Complete has the Collection ID “EBSCOhost.a9h”
Its table name would therefore be “a9h”

Unique Identifiers
One or more of the following unique identifiers must be present to identify the title
oclc_entry_id: This is a unique and internal knowledge base identifier. It is present for each title in a customizable global standard collection and can be found in the Title ID field in the user interface or in the downloaded KBART file for the collection in the oclc_entry_id column. If including this identifier, you may omit print_identifier and title_url. If you do not include this value, please enter “NULL” as the value in the spreadsheet.
print_identifier: The ISSN or ISBN for the title. Print_identifier is unnecessary when oclc_entry_id is present in the spreadsheet.
title_url: The URL for the title. If available, this value is present in its like named field in either the user interface or the collection KBART file. Please note that some titles use link formulas to generate their corresponding links, and thus do not contain this value. Title_url is unnecessary when oclc_entry_id is present.

The name of the title as it exists in the knowledge base collection.


At this time, OCLC's documentation indicates "the knowledge base team will review and schedule the addition of these OCLC numbers typically within 1-3 months."