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WorldShare Collection Manager: KB Shared Collections

This guide provides documentation for creating and managing electronic resource collections in the knowledge base (KB) in Collection Manager.

Shared Collections Documentation

OCLC Documentation

Sharing Overview

Creating and Selecting Collections

Your library can share a custom collection, or a subset of a standard collection that you have selected. Libraries who create collections enable sharing for specific libraries using their Registry IDs; the other library must then select the collection for it become active. In order to select the shared collection, go to Collection Manager >Search and leave search box blank and My Selected Collections unchecked. Then use the drop down >Filter By and select >Collections... >Shared With Me.

Sharing Changes

Any changes made to the collection by the creating library update automatically in the KB collection of other libraries who have selected the collection if the collection is non-customizable. If your collection is customizable, the oclc_entry_id is a required field, which is not required for a non-customizable collection. If you think you may submit your collection to the global knowledge base in the future, you should make your collection customizable.

Other libraries may change a shared customizable collection locally, but that library will not receive further changes made by the creating library.

Deleting Collections

A shared collection cannot be deleted by the creating library unless all libraries who have selected the collection de-select the collection, so that it is no longer in use.

Modify a Shared Collection

Changing Your Shared Collection and Changing Another Library's Shared Collection

When you create a non-customizable shared collection, you can change data in the collection by modifying the KBART file for the collection. Other libraries that want to change data in the collection can only modify OCNs. If you see errors in other data for a collection that has been shared with you, contact the library who created the collection.

Sharing Collections With Another Library

Sharing Collections And Registry IDs

If you are not ready to share a local custom collection globally, or that would not be appropriate to the collection, you can share with select libraries. In order to share with another library, you need to know the registry ID, which is also available from OCLC's registry search.

Library (OCLC symbol)

Registry ID
AMBS Anabaptist Mennonite Biblical Seminary (IME) 987
Anderson University (INA) 930
Bethel University (XBE) 932
Butler University (IIB) 933
Concordia Theological Seminary (ITC) 937
CTS (Christian Theological Seminary) (IXT) 935
DePauw University (IDU) 940
Earlham College (IEC) 941
Franklin College (IFC) 944
Goshen College (IGC) 945
Grace College & Seminary Library (IGR) 946
Hanover College, Duggan Library (IHC) 947
Huntington University (IHH) 949
Manchester University (IMN) 983
Marian University (IMI) 984
Oakland City University (XUD) 991
Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College (IMS) 4327
Saint Mary's College (ISN) 999
Saint Meinrad Archabbey & School of Theology (ISS) 1000
Taylor University (ITU) 1001
Trine University (ITS) 1002
University of Indianapolis (III) 966
University of Saint Francis (FW8) 996
Wabash College (IWC) 1005

PALNI Shared and Global Collections

PALNI Shared Collections

These collections have not been shared with every PALNI library. Contact Lisa if you don't see the collection has been shared with you.
Collection Name Collection ID Number of Records
ALI Oxford Scholarship Online 2016 customer.59274.86 661
ALI Oxford Scholarship Online 2017 customer.59274.97 874
ALI Oxford Scholarship Online 2018 customer.59274.104 701
ALI Oxford Scholarship Online 2019 customer.59274.124 500
ALI Oxford Scholarship Online 2020 customer.59274.140 738
ALI Oxford Scholarship Online 2021 customer.59274.147 682
ALI Oxford Scholarship Online 2022 customer.59274.152 592
Books at JSTOR All Purchased PALNI 2017-2018 customer.59274.96 52
Books at JSTOR All Purchased PALNI 2019 customer.59274.130 21
Books at JSTOR All Purchased PALNI 2020 customer.59274.146 27
Books at JSTOR All Purchased PALNI 2021 customer.59274.150 26
Books at JSTOR All Purchased PALNI 2022 customer.59274.157 29
EMQ Online customer.59274.76 1
Gale Virtual Reference Library galegroup.gvrl 75 Journals customer.59274.94 48
INSPIRE Ebooks on EBSCOHOST customer.59274.9 6201
PALNI Free Theology Ejournals customer.59274.85 150

The KBART files for shared collections will include the minimum recommended information for each format. An OCN for that item in the appropriate format will be included if available from the vendor; if not, then OCNs will be added by searching WorldCat. Other helpful fields such as title_id, oclc_entry_id and staff_notes may also be populated. Data sources for the shared collections can include existing KB collections as well as data from the vendor in the form of spreadsheets or MARC records.

PALNI Contributed Global Collections

If there is a collection of open access material, and you have a title list of some sort, contact Lisa Gonzalez about creating a global collection that can be shared will all libraries in Collection Manager. If there is eresource material from a vendor that you would like a KB collection for, contact Lisa for assistance with working with the vendor to add their data to the KB, and for providing a custom collection in the meantime.

Collection Name Collection ID Number of Records
ATLA Theological Libraries Ebook Lending Project (TLELP) global.59274.109 1038
CLOCKSS Serials Triggered Content global.59274.108 68
Congressional Research Service Reports global.59274.127 960
Knowledge Unlatched Select 2016 global.59274.95 324
Library of Congress National Screening Room Videos global.59274.122 999
Orbis Biblicus et Orientalis (OBO) Online global.59274.105


University of Pretoria UPSpace Theology Collection global.59274.107 727
PALNI Last Copies Internet Archive Collection global.59274.153 139
PALNI Press Hosted Publications global.59274.154 14


PALNI Selected Collections

All PALNI Selected Collections

The list of all PALNI KB collections selected by PALNI libraries includes standard, shared and local custom collections. The list is updated every other month, approximately. The list is based on a group report in Analytics for all PALNI libriares' KB collections, which is based on Analytics ata updated monthly, combined with OCLC's monthly updates for its knowledge base spreadsheet.

Indiana INSPIRE Databases

A list of INSPIRE databases in the knowledge base is available; this list includes metasearch content available for configuration in Discovery.