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This guide provides documentation for creating and managing electronic resource collections in the knowledge base (KB) in Collection Manager.

About This Guide

This guide provides documentation for creating and managing electronic resource collections in the knowledge base (KB) in Collection Manager.

I Want to Help Improve Data Quality in the KB

You can submit OCN number changes and other title-level changes using Cooperative Management, or by submitting your change request to OCLC support at You can also fill out a form and submit it to OCLC support if you have a request to change a number of titles at once.

If you are submitting global changes using Cooperative Management for Grouped OCNs, take a look at the best practices for grouped OCNs so that you are spending your time editing these effectively.

I Want to Correct Grouped OCNs Globally

I Want to Add a Title to A Global KB Collection

I Want to Request Title Additions for the Global KB

You can submit multiple title additions to for a standard or global collection. You can use the instructions for adding titles using a KBART file upload to create a KBART file to send to OCLC support.

I Want to Submit a Collection I Created as a Global Collection

Requirements for Submitting a Customizable Collection to the Global Knowledge Base

Besides sharing collections with specific libraries, libraries also have the option of submitting their customizable collection to OCLC to be added to the knowledge base.

Cooperative collections must include the following:

  • Valid OCLC numbers when possible
  • Valid URLs
  • A representative collection of a subscription package or a full set of library-curated titles


I Want to Make An Enhancement Request

Requesting Functionality for WMS Modules - Instructions from OCLC

1.  Log into the WorldShare Community Center and select the community that best represents your enhancement request.

     2. Select Enhancements

     3. Review the existing list of enhancements to insure you are not creating a duplicate.  If your suggestion is already there, please add your notes.  Click on Detail to review a description of the enhancement.

     4. At the bottom of the description, you will see the Add a Comment button.

     5. If your enhancement is not there, please add it!  Click on the hyperlink within "Share your idea for a future enhancement."

     6. Complete the Enhancement suggestion form and select Submit at the bottom. See the prioritization criteria to review the process for how OCLC evaluates requests.

7. Promote comment submissions for your enhancement by posting about it on the OCLC Community Center or on the PALNI Community.

Adding Comments to Existing Enhancements

When you provide feedback, it is helpful to include specific reasons for why you support the enhancement, even if you are repeating what the enhancement already says. If you have a user story that is particular to students, faculty or library staff that applies to the enhancement, it is a good idea to include that too. You can also include any workaround you are using that is related to the enhancement.

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