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ACRL, IPEDS, and National Surveys

Support guides and tutorials for PALNI libraries completing the ACRL, IPEDS, and other national surveys.

Getting Started

This LibGuide includes documents and tutorials to support PALNI libraries that are reporting for the annual IPEDS, ACRL, and ATS/ATLA statistics surveys. 

The Analytics Admin Team requests that all PALNI libraries participate in the ACRL survey. Libraries need not submit a complete survey, but may respond with a partial survey for the required IPEDS data points. Including your IPEDS data in the ACRL survey allows the Admin Team and PALNI staff to do internal analysis and benchmarking to support PALNI data-driven decision-making and assist member libraries with comparison analysis. If your library needs assistance with data gathering, please contact the Team - we are happy to help!

Important Notes

  • Use the LibGuides tabs for quick instructions. More detailed information, if desired, is in the PDF documents below.
  • Most reports and templates will require customizations to account for local library practices
  • Not every data point can be answered with Analytics reports and some reports will only provide a portion of the data needed
  • Additional work in Excel/spreadsheet software may be needed for calculations and analysis

graphic of timeline for survey workflow


Due February 28, 2021


PALNI Help Documents

Video Tutorials