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Study of Student and Faculty Habits (INAP) Reports: Grace

Highlights of the findings of the PALNI Study of Student and Faculty Habits (Information Needs Assessment Project)


On April 13th, 2018, the Information Needs Assessment Project Team visited Grace College and Seminary and conducted two of the methods (interviews and photo collage) in our toolkit. A total of 10 students participated in the study. You can view the report from that visit here: 


"Our biggest takeaway was mostly tied to creature comforts.  Most of the study was conducted in the campus coffee shop.  Students all mentioned how they liked to study there, but none of them 'mentioned actually drinking coffee.'  But, water was mentioned as a 'must-have' when studying.  We had water fountains on every floor of the library and 2 water coolers.  They were both hidden away.  One in the computer lab and one in the staff workroom on the main floor.  In 2018 we decided to move the staff water cooler (filtered water) from the staff room to near the front door on the main level.  It solved 2 problems for us.  The 3rd-floor water fountain was broken, so the working main floor fountain replaced the broken one and the water cooler replaced the water fountain on the main floor near the entrance.  It is heavily used.  Students are often refilling their water bottles as they enter or leave the library.  This was a goodwill move and a small inconvenience for staff.

Outlet availability was another 'must-have.'  Our building is 50 years old and there are never enough electrical outlets.  However, we have been mindful as we make mini-renovations of the necessity of addressing electrical needs.  We have added power cord/outlet strips near desks including floor cord covers to reduce potential tripping hazards as needed.

The INAP provided the specific insight that allowed us to make purposeful decisions to meet students' desired study needs and wants."

Noteworthy Findings

  • Jazzman’s coffee shop is the most popular study location mentioned by students. Interestingly, even though they all mention studying there, none of them mention actually drinking coffee.
  • Students were very passionate in expressing a need for electrical outlets. Most of them picked a study space based on outlet availability.
  • For the most part, students are happy with options available to them for study spaces.  Their dream spaces did not differ much from their actual study locations.  
  • Many students mentioned the importance of Scripture as a study item, with several stating this as a must-have item.
  • Students love to study outside and near the lake!
  • Two students mentioned the study application Quizlet. This product has not been mentioned before in our study.
  • Many students purchase copies of and rely heavily on their course textbooks.


"The experience was great (even without knowing the results) and my concerns about how much time it would require from us were unfounded.....per usual the POWER of PALNI was evident as I know there was a multiplied benefit for our small effort in surveying the studying preference of our students." - Tonya Fawcett