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Study of Student and Faculty Habits (INAP) Reports: Goshen

Highlights of the findings of the PALNI Study of Student and Faculty Habits (Information Needs Assessment Project)


On April 8th, 2019, the Information Needs Assessment Project Team visited Goshen College and conducted two of the methods (interviews and day mapping) in our toolkit. A total of 34 students participated in the study. You can view the report from that visit here:

Noteworthy Findings

  • Background music was frequently requested for study locations.
  • Students mentioned studying while lying down in bed.
  • Printers were noted as an ideal study space item.
  • When students were asked about study locations the library was mentioned infrequently, but once asked where in the library they study, most students had a preferred spot.
  • Multiple students mentioned studying outside, but did not mention specific outdoor study locations.
  • Several requests were made for better/faster internet. Students requested “Good internet that isn't unreliable in any way,” “faster wifi,” and mentioned that “on the [south wing of the] 2nd floor of the library, at the big table where you walk in there is a weak WiFi connection.”