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Study of Student and Faculty Habits (INAP) Reports: Oakland City

Oakland City

On October 13th, 2017, the Information Needs Assessment Project Team visited Oakland City University and conducted one of the methods (photo essay) in our toolkit. A total of 14 students participated in the study. You can view the report from that visit here: 

Noteworthy Findings

  • Students reported a high level of outside pressures including work and family. Many students work numerous hours at off campus jobs. 93% of students we interviewed are full time students, but 43% work more than 15 hours a week.
  • Several students shared about locations that they study off campus. This is logical given that 43% of students we surveyed were commuter students.  
  • In addition to studying off campus, students seemed to largely prefer studying by themselves versus with groups or friends.  
  • 36% of students mentioned the chapel’s importance to them. “My favorite part about campus is the Chapel.” A “comfortable space, you feel like you belong.”
  • Most students mentioned taking notes primarily by pen and pencil instead of typing on a device, even though many students referenced laptops and tablets.  Additionally, many students shared that they used a traditional planner for their time management.