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Study of Student and Faculty Habits (INAP) Reports: Hanover

Highlights of the findings of the PALNI Study of Student and Faculty Habits (Information Needs Assessment Project)


On March 22nd and 23rd, 2018, the Information Needs Assessment Project Team visited Hanover College and conducted two of the methods (interviews and library mapping) in our toolkit. A total of 17 students and 6 faculty members participated in the study. You can view the report from that visit here: 

Noteworthy Findings

  • The library and its resources were highly regarded by all. This may be due in part to the nature of the library mapping activity.
  • Coffee often came up as a topic by both faculty and students. Two students specifically asked for a coffee shop in the library, and one faculty member went out of their way to say that students did not want a coffee shop in the library.
  • A lack of a 24/7 space on campus was brought up by students, as well as limited library hours.
  • Students included hammocks in their ideal study space, and requested that the library provide hammocks to study in.
  • Some spaces on campus are cold and thus undesirable study spaces.
  • There is a lot of studying done at the high tables in the library; they are a hit among students.
  • Safety concerns were highlighted by students, including at the library. The third floor was referred to as “deathly quiet and creepy” and there was a request for shuttle services across campus.
  • Faculty were appreciative of librarians and their continued ingenuity amid budget restraints.