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Analytics & Reports: WMS Reports & Report Designer

For the PALNI Analytics Admin Team, and PALNI librarians working with analytics, reports, ROI, and assessment

Resources for Reports

See the WMS Reports for Annual Surveys tab for reports in acquisitions, circulation, and cataloging related to IPEDS, ACRL, and ATLA.

Custom Reports (Report Designer)

Below are report creation guides that we have created for PALNI member libraries. Now that shared templates functionality is available, these reports are being improved and saved as templates. Templates that are now available for sharing are marked as PALNI Template (PAL2 2.1 folder) or OCLC Template (3.0 folder).

Standard Reports

FTP Reports

New WMS FTP Item Inventory Headings April 2018

The new item inventory report will continue to be a pipe delimited .txt file and will continue to display only items with barcodes in WorldShare Circulation.

To allow for migration to the updated report, the new Item Inventory report uses a new naming convention:

<OCLC Symbol>.Circulation_Item_Inventories.yyyymmdd.txt

  • Institution_Symbol
  • Item_Holding_Location
  • Item_Permanent_Shelving_Location
  • Item_Temporary_Shelving_Location
  • Item_Type
  • Item_Call_Number
  • Item_Enumeration_and_Chronology
  • Author_Name  
  • Title
  • LHR_Item_Materials_Specified 
  • Material_Format             
  • OCLC_Number 
  • Title_ISBN
  • Publication_Date
  • Item_Barcode
  • LHR_Item_Cost
  • LHR_Item_Nonpublic_Note       
  • LHR_Item_Public_Note
  • Item_Status_Current_Status     
  • Item_Due_Date Item_Issued_Count       
  • Issued_Count_YTD         
  • Item_Soft_Issued_Count             
  • Item_Soft_Issued_Count_YTD   
  • Item_Last_Issued_Date
  • Item_Last_Inventoried_Date     
  • Item_Deleted_Date
  • LHR_Date_Entered_on_File
  • LHR_Item_Acquired_Date
  • Language_Code                                               

Shared Report Templates

Other Team Developed Help Guides

Resources for designing reports (forthcoming):

  • Report Building Reference Guide (Advanced)



SAP Guides

The Reporting and SAP Business Objects Web Intelligence 4.2 (SP6)  is the current installed version of the reporting platform. This is the version to look for when accessing documentation and support resources directly from SAP or from other training providers.

Written Documentation:

Documents for Team Use