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Analytics & Reporting

For the PALNI Analytics Advisory Group, and PALNI librarians working with analytics, reports, ROI, and assessment

Assessing Coronavirus Emergency Impact on Library Resources and Services

This Guide page was set up to provide information, methods, and templates for libraries needing to gather data to assess the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on resource use and library services.


PALNI members using OhioNet to host their EZProxy instance have access to both AWStats and EZProxy logs. Please see Lisa's post on the Community for information about your admin login credentials. 

There are strengths and weakness of AWStats for EZProxy. Statistics are provided by month. Recommended uses are to track dates and times users are online, downloaded resources, and use by operating system and browser. Be mindful that unique and total visits may contain duplications.

The list of downloads is a useful method for tracking activity through EZProxy, because it represents actual instances of users interacting with content.

ezproxy stats navigation menu screenshot

screenshot of ezproxy list of downloads


Course Management Systems

Consider asking faculty to review their CMS course logs to assess activity on any library resources they may have linked or embedded. The sample below is from Moodle.

screenshot of activity count logs in Moodle CMS


The LibGuides statistics module allows you to view use of guides, assets (including A-Z databases), and sessions. You can customize your date range, allowing you to target the report to specific dates or date ranges, such as when your emergency online classes were in session.

screenshot of libguides stats starting page

screenshot of libguides assets trend view

screenshot of libguides assets use detail


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