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For the PALNI Analytics Admin Team, and PALNI librarians working with analytics, reports, ROI, and assessment


This guide is designed primarily for the use of the PALNI Analytics Admin Team and for PALNI member library staff working in the areas of analytics and reports. Other users of WMS are welcome to access and use our help guides for working in their own instances of WMS.


2018-2019 Webinar Series

promo image with dates and topics for analytics webinars 2018-2019

Date (all meetings 2-3 p.m. unless noted)


Meeting/Recording Link

October 18

ACRLMetrics (Karen Kupiec, ACRL)

ACRLMetrics Recording

October 25, 2-3:30 pm

ACRL/IPEDS help session I (Heather & Caroline)

ACRL/IPEDS Session I Recording

November 15

Call Number Sorting in Excel (Lauren)

Excel Call Number Sorting Recording

January 17, 2-3:30 pm

ACRL/IPEDS help session II

(Heather & Caroline)

ACRL/IPEDS Session II Recording

February 21

Pivot Tables (Shawn)

Pivot Tables Recording

May 16

Google Analytics (Eric)

Google Analytics Recording
Presentation Slides
TBA WMS Group Shared Templates (Heather)  


PALNI Analytics Coordinator

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Heather Loehr

Analytics Events