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Analytics & Reporting: Report Request Service

For the PALNI Analytics Admin Team, and PALNI librarians working with analytics, reports, ROI, and assessment

Reports Available

The following custom report builds are already available:

    • ACRL/IPEDS Title Holdings Quantities by Format and Subformat
    • ACRL/IPEDS Item Holdings Quantities by Format and Subformat
  • Acquisitions (require use of Acquisitions module)
    • Circulation of Purchased Items by Format: Generates list of loan totals on items purchased via Acquisitions module. Includes expended amount to allow cost-per-use calculations. Filters include item format and date of purchase.
    • Database Payment History: Generates a spreadsheet of databases, vendors, subscription periods, and payments.
    • Expenditures by Fund: Generates a list of titles and expenditures by budget fund code. Query filters on budget status and fund code.
    • Orders, Expenditures, and Encumbrances by Budget Year: List of orders per budget year, which can be filtered by budget status and fund code.
  • Circulation
    • Circulation Events by Format, Policy, or Location: Generates a list of circulation events for a specific format, loan policy, shelving location, or combination of the above.
    • Circulation of New LHRs: Circulation of new items added within a specified time period (whether or not processed through acquisitions).
    • Items Checked Out with Publication Detail: Modification of the All Checked Out Items report to add total loans, author, publisher, and publication date. Created for a library to assist with item replacement decisions.
    • Loan Totals by LC Subject Conspectus: Analyze use across subject areas in your collections.
    • Percentage of Collection and Loans by Call Number Classification: Examine collection balance by calculating percentage of holdings and circulation of items per call number classification.
  • Collection Management & Cataloging
    • Combined Collection Measures by Format: Provides collection quantity measures by format from CATALOGING universe, INSTITUTION TITLE HOLDINGS universe, and LHR ITEM DETAIL universe. Use as all-in-one report to obtain collection measures by format and subformat. Uses REAL TIME data; date prompts not available in INST TITLE HOL and LHR ITEM DETAIL.
    • Combined Title Items Quantity Monthly Variation: Provides Title Quantity measures and Item Quantity measures by material format and subformat for time range selected. Data drawn from CATALOGING universe. Use to observe fluctuations in format quantities.
    • Conspectus Quantities Title and Item with Format: A count of number of titles and holdings in each OCLC Conspectus Division. Includes item format.
    • Duplicate Copies: Produces a list of duplicate copies on an OCLC Number. Optional filter for shelving location.
    • New Items (LHRs): Generates a list of new items (LHRs) during a given fiscal year or other date period. Includes item details.
    • New Removed Title Lists (All Source Applications):  Generates a list of new and removed titles by date including title, format, subject conspectus, and source application.
    • Publication Date Analysis: publication decade frequency distribution, publication date median, can be filtered by conspectus division.
    • Title Holdings Volatility by Format Location Conspectus Source Application: Monthly counts of title holdings volatility (new titles and removed titles). Data from CATALOGING data universe. Use to observe fluctuations in title quantities. Additional tabs show volatility by format, location, subject conspectus and source application - including Knowledge Base.
  • E-Resources (COUNTER reports require SUSHI usage harvesting in License Manager)
    • COUNTER 5 Denials and Turnaways Title Lists
    • COUNTER 5 Top 100 E-Journals
    • COUNTER 5 TR_J1 Journal Use by Platform
    • Electronic Journals with KB Collection and Conspectus Division: Create a list of e-journals with KB Collection Name and LC Conspectus Division.

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