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Analytics & Reporting: E-Resources & COUNTER

For the PALNI Analytics Admin Team, and PALNI librarians working with analytics, reports, ROI, and assessment

E-Resources Report Instructions and Templates

Below are report creation guides that we have created for PALNI member libraries. Now that shared templates functionality is available, these reports are being improved and saved as templates. Templates that are now available for sharing are marked as PALNI Template (PAL2 2.1 folder) or OCLC Template (3.0 folder).

SUSHI Harvesting

COUNTER Guides and Tutorials

Use Scenarios: COUNTER Reports

E-book Turnaways: report on COUNTER 5 TR_B2: Access Denied, to identify titles with multiple turnaways. E-books with over 5 turnaways were selected for purchase.

screenshot of excel spreadsheet of report output for counter 5 book turnaways

Very Basic Guide to COUNTER 5 Metrics

infographic with summary description of use of COUNTER 5 request and investigation metrics

[Infographic alt text]