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Student Library Advisory Boards: Student Library Advisory Boards (SLABs)

Information on what SLABs are, best practices, and how to get started.

Student Library Advisory Boards Defined

What are Student Library Advisory Boards?

In the context of an academic library, a Student Library Advisory Board, or SLAB, is a group of involved students who meet regularly to discuss and address pertinent library issues and who serve as advocates for the library. SLABs can provide support to academic libraries by offering ideas and advice on library programming, suggesting ways to improve the library's physical space, giving feedback on the library's collection, and functioning as a conduit between library staff and students. The possibilities for SLABs are truly endless and entirely customizable based on the needs of the institution! This guide provides a collection of best practices, resources, and marketing materials to help academic libraries create their own SLABs.

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Student Library Advisory Boards Task Force

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This guide was created by a task force of PALNI librarians. 

Task Force Members:

Kerri Killion-Mueller | University of
Saint Francis, Chair
Kelly Joyce | Hanover College
Kelsey McLane | Goshen College
Molly Reed | PALNI
Ruth Szpunar | PALNI

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