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PALNI Communication Manual: Home

This manual covers the basics of communicating within PALNI.

Welcome to the Communication Manual

This manual covers the basics of communicating within PALNI. If new to PALNI, we recommend reviewing the Onboarding LibGuide first and following the checklist provided. All content found in this manual details how to connect with the PALNI staff and colleagues throughout the PALNI libraries. Many tools are used with the Community Space being the central location for most discussion.


How do I get to the Community Space? Instructions for login or registration will be presented.

I'm new to PALNI, where do I go and what do I do?

Start by reading through the Onboarding Manual and following the checklisted steps to get you setup. Then come back to this Communication Manual and skim through, taking note reference places. Pay special attention to the Community Space section as that will be your major form of communication and collaboration within PALNI.

Where do I find the zoom link for my meeting?

First, check your email to see if you received a personal invite (commonly done for small group work). If it is a large group meeting, check the PALNI calendar under the event description.

Why isn't there a list-serv for every group? 

Once upon a time, PALNI heavily relied on list-servs as the main form of communication and they became unwieldy beasts that could not be tamed. Poor village librarians were plaqued by many emails not pertaining to them, off topic threads, and cross duplication. It encouraged a silo'd approach where librarians were divided by their roles instead of collaborating with one another. When PALNI transitioned to OCLC's WMS, the disruptive list-servs were replaced by the Community Space. While the Community is not perfect, it does allow for the deep collaboration on which PALNI functions.


PALNI internal site: Announcements, Documents, Projects, Forums, Contact List, Skills Inventory

When to Use Discussions with PALNI members; latest updates
Admin All PALNI Staff 
Permissions Open to all of PALNI but secured by username and password
Contents Documents, policies, procedures, etc
When to Use Reviewing or adding documents for PALNI projects, the organization, or policies.
Admin All PALNI Staff
Permissions Please email the PALNI staff for access.
Contents Group related information AND PALNI Policies/Manuals
When to Use To share reusable content between PALNI institutions. Most often used to share reference and instruction materials.
Admin Informational Fluency Coordinators
Permissions Open to Public
Contents Discussion List-servs for PALNI Groups (special-case use only)
When to Use

Used in a case-by-case basis; Not recommended as they are not maintained. 

Admin Executive Director, Associate Director, Strategic Communications Director
Permissions Send an email to the PALNI staff

How do I access the list-serv archives?  

The PALNI List-serv archives are helpful if you are trying to find an old email thread or confirm a
decision made in email.

  1. Go to
  2. Click on the archives link to the list-serv you would like to search
  3. You will need to use your login to access the archives
  4. Once you are logged in, you can use the search box to keyword search emails back
    to March 2011

Contents Worldwide OCLC Support Site
When to Use For all questions OCLC-related with the exception of PALShare
Admin OCLC
Permissions Email support at
Contents External Audience Site: PALNI calendar, Press Releases, Legal address, About PALNI
When to Use Direct external stakeholders or colleagues to learn more about PALNI; No longer used for internal purposes

Strategic Communications Director

Permissions Open to Public

PALNI's Communication Manual LibGuide is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. PALNI’s logos and branding template are not covered by this license, and all rights to such material are reserved.

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