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Marketing Outreach Toolkit: Content

This project consists of a monthly emailed checklist of outreach tasks that all build on one another to achieve large-scale goals. The idea is to frequently show stakeholders that the library is advancing campus priorities.

Ongoing Plan

Each month's content will be posted to this page under the main corresponding priorities. Some content will fall under multiple priorities but we've tried our best to slot it in with the priority it impacts the most.

Retention & Enrollment

Retention & Enrollment:

Content tied directly and/or indirectly to campus retention and enrollment. Informed by the research on


Academic / Career Success

Academic/Career Success

Content promoting how the library furthers student academic and career success.

Access & Affordability

Access & Affordability

Content showcasing how the library is tackling literal, technological access as well as equitable access to library resources. Additionally, illustrating how the libraries are good financial stewards.