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RIO Faculty/Librarian Collaboration Survey Results 2018: Home

Result summar of the 2018 RIO Faculty/Librarian Collaboration Survey


In Spring 2018, RIO formed a task force to begin to address PALNI’s Strategic Initiative G: Assist libraries in providing support and services for learning, teaching, and research and to assess and demonstrate that impact. The Objective was to collect information about current faculty/librarian collaborations taking place across PALNI institutions.

The first step of the task force was to create a survey to send to all PALNI schools to find out what collaborations were already taking place, from the Librarian's perspective, at the various institutions, and guage the satisfaction level with those interactions.

You can view those survey results on this LibGuide!

The data from this survey will be used to inform the next step of the process, which will be to conduct a survey of the faculty at each institution. 

Andrea Cohn, Eric Bradley, Kate Blinn, and Sheridan Stormes all participated on this task force!

The Survey

20 of 22 Institutions Represented

32 total responses

11 Directors/Associate Directors

8 Reference/Instruction Librarians

3 Subject Specialist/Liaison Librarians

2 Resource Sharing/Access Specialists

2 Information Services/Commons Librarian

6 Who didn’t follow directions

Faculty Status

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