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ROI Calculator: Value of Resources and Services

The interactive Student Return on Investment calcuator offers students an understanding of library services and the value of their personal use of the library.

How Does the Library Spend Your Money?

In Fiscal Year 2018 (July 1, 2017 through June 30, 2018), the Library spent a total of $665,652 for information resources, staffing, and other operating expenses. But what does that mean to you as a student?

The official Full Time Equivalent enrollment in Fall 2017 was 1084.

Therefore, if you were a full-time student, $614 of your tuition went to support the Library.

This chart shows the percentage of total Library expenditures by grouping three categories: Staffing, Information Resources, and Other Operating.

pie chart of library expenditures by category


Expenditures per Student Detail

Fiscal Year 2017-2018

FY Expenditures Subcategories Subtotals Total Subtotals per FTE Student Totals per FTE Student
Staffing*     $337,234   $311
Information Resources     $277,345   $256
  Books and Media $12,555   $12  
  Subscriptions (print journals) $139,525   $129  
  Electronic Resources (databases, etc.) $115,018   $106  
Other Operating Equipment, supplies, courier service, memberships, etc.   $51,073   $47
TOTAL     $665,652   $614
*Professional, support, and student staff salaries and wages (excludes fringe benefits)  

Getting Your Money's Worth

What could you do in one academic year to get your money's worth from the tuition you contribute to the library? 
Service What You Can Do During the Academic Year Value of the Service for the Academic Year
Studying, which requires the library to be open Study in the library for 6 hours $132.54
Have a reference consultation ask two reference questions with a librarian AND use a subject or course LibGuide two times when the library is closed $186.52
Access and download full text articles for assignment from a subscription database access 3 articles per course for 2 courses during term; 2 terms in academic year; total of 12 articles in academic year $120.00
Use proxy server to access resources off-campus save 2 trips to campus during academic year $5.20
Borrow a book from the general collection borrow 2 books during academic year (instead of purchasing) $29.06
Borrow a new book borrow one book from the new books shelf $26.06
Borrow a book from another library borrow one book from another library via interlibrary loan (net savings from borrowing rather than you or library buying) $30.00
Use a print textbook on reserve use one print textbook on reserve during the academic year rather than purchasing it $87.00
Borrow a DVD for a course or entertainment borrow one video from the library during the academic year $2.00
Use a library computer to do research Use a library computer once during the academic year $5.00
Borrow a laptop computer borrow a laptop once during the academic year $9.00
Total Value During The Academic Year   $632.38