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ROI Calculator: Home

The interactive Student Return on Investment calcuator offers students an understanding of library services and the value of their personal use of the library.

About This Project

From the 2017-2020 PALNI Strategic Plan:

  • Strategic Initiative: Support and strengthen libraries’ ability to communicate relevance and value to stakeholders within, among, and outside PALNI. [Pillar: Communicate]
    • Goal: Identify, develop, or advocate for relevant reports and instructions for PALNI tools to help demonstrate effectiveness, relevance, and value.
      • Action Item [Analytics]: Collaborate with ROI committee to create ROI toolkit
        • Develop Student ROI Calculator


The Student Perspective

art of students asking how library spends tuition

Copyright Notice

PALNI's ROI Calculator LibGuide is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.   PALNI’s logos and branding template are not covered by this license, and all rights to such material are reserved.         Creative Commons License

ROI Committee Charge

Assess user needs and behaviors

Develop relevant reports and instructions for tools

Help libraries demonstrate effectiveness, relevance and value

Support marketing of libraries to home institutions

PALNI Analytics Coordinator