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Grant Seeking: Library Innovation Grant

Program overview

The funding provided by PALNI Library Innovation Grants aims to optimize library resources and services in ways
that significantly expand the ability of supported organizations to support teaching and learning at PALNI institutions. Funded
programs, projects, and initiatives must align with PALNI strategic priorities and support PALNI deep collaboration.

Grant timeline

Grant Timeline:
Application Deadline: January 31, 2020
Committee Decision: Feb. 28, 2020
Funding Released: March 30, 2020
Report Due: January 31, 2021

PALNI 2017-2020 Strategic Plan

Tie your proposal into the
PALNI 2017-2020 Strategic Plan.

Library Innovation Grant awardees

Year Institution Title                        
2019 Butler University Making Cultural Heritage Artifacts into 3D Digital Objects using Photogrammetry
2018 Franklin College  Wellness and the Library: The Lounge
2018 Butler University Developing an Augmented Reality (AR) Experience.
2017 Marian University Active Body, Active Mind
2016 Hanover College Information Now! On-demand and Embedded Learning Modules for Information Literacy Instruction
2016 St. Joseph College Re-Engineering an Academic Library for Student Success
2016 DePauw University Learning Together: Continued Exploration of Arduino & Related Emerging Technologies

Application guidelines

The detailed description of an innovative program, project, or initiative that result in new or improved tools, products, services, or organizational practices will include:
1. Program/Project title and brief overview (300 words or less)
2. Institution name, complete mailing address, and background (no. of students, faculty, and related information)
3. Name and title of person submitting the application with contact details (email and phone)
4. A list of the key personnel who will direct the implementation of the program
5. Key program partners, if any, and their role in the program. Applicants should ensure that all project partners are aware of and
agree to their roles in the project and should supply a letter of support documenting this agreement
6. Measurable objectives and key activities and outcomes/impact of the program
7. Program goals and implementation plan, including timeframe
8. Evaluation and, if applicable, sustainability plan
9. Overall budget with breakdown of costs and, if any, other sources of funding and alternative funding possibilities should the grant
only supply partial funding.
10. Explanation of how other institutions can replicate the program or project
11. Explanation of how the proposed project aligns with PALNI strategic goals
12. Application materials should be no longer than 15 pages.

Grant specifics

Grant Amount: Up to $20,000 will be awarded per year
Grant Period: Up to one year
Cost Share Requirement: No matching requirements.
Program Contact: Kirsten Leonard, Executive Director PALNI 317-752-6831

Rubric for proposal application

Please see page two of Call for Applications: 2020 Library Innovation Grants for PALNI Supported Organizations for the rubric that will be used to evaluate applications.