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PALNI Onboarding Manual: New Director Mentor Program

New Director Mentor Program


When a new director at a PALNI school is hired, the Staffing Capacity and Coordination Committee will convene a meeting as soon as possible. The purpose of this meeting will be to identify individual(s) who could serve as a mentor for the new director. Once a possible mentor(s) is identified, the committee will contact the candidate to see if he or she is willing and able to serve as a mentor.

Your Mentor may...

1) Meet with you in person

2) Check in with you at least once a month

3) Guide you through the new director Onboarding LibGuide (appended to PALNI staff Onboarding manual)

4) Introduce you to PALNI communication mechanisms (such as the Community Space and Board listserv)

5) Make sure you are aware of PALNI meetings

6) Be on­ call for any questions