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PALNI Onboarding Manual: Communication

Communication Introduction

PALNI communicates in many different ways, from email to forums, and online virtual meetings.  The boxes below outline key communication channels you'll want to configure to begin interfacing with the consortium staff and colleagues.  In addition PALNI hosts a communication guide described here, which you will also want to review as part of completing the onboarding checklist.

The PALNI Communication Guide offers complete details on contacting PALNI staff, communicating with colleagues, OCLC support, listservs, and virtual meetings.  The manual also contains information on PALNI branding guidelines for creating materials while working within a PALNI group, team, expert, or coordinator role.  Access the Communication Manual.

What is the PALNI Community?

The PALNI Community (intranet) serves as a central location for virtual PALNI discussion.  All PALNI groups work together in this system to make it easier for those people who serve in multiple roles on their campus.   

What you will find in the Community:

  • Discussion spaces for all PALNI groups, teams, taskforces, and functional roles
  • Links to PALNI products and services
  • OCLC discussions that are PALNI focused (please use the OCLC Support Center for support)
  • PALNI project updates (task forces, committee work, etc)
  • PALNI-wide services information such as: strategic planning, corporate information, EZProxy and graphics design services.

What you will NOT find in the Community:

  • Board documents
  • OCLC documentation (found in the OCLC Support Center)
  • PALNI Documents (can be found in the Google Team Drive)

For Google Campus Users:

  1. Go to and click the Sign Up button. This will pop out a form to fill out.
  2. An admin will approve you (this is a manual process, which may take up to 24 hours).
  3. You will be able to access the site as soon as you are approved! Note: if you try to login before you've been approved, it will send you through an endless loop and show a spinning wheel. This will go away the second you are approved.

For Non-Google Campus Users:

Because you are on a non-google campus, you will need to take one extra step before signing up for the new PALNI Community. It will only take 2-3 minutes of your time and you will never have to do it again (or even remember you did it!)
In order to ensure that you are getting the community digest notifications in your work email and enable single-sign on for all community areas, you will need to create a Google account that is run by your non-gmail work email.

Please follow these simple instructions to fill out a form.

Or, follow the 2 minute video