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PALNI Communication Manual: PALNI Design Guidelines

PALNI Design Guidelines

PALNI distinct marks, typography, and color palettes combine to create the organization's visual identity and is a graphic representation of the organization’s core values and purpose. The overlapping swish signifies the collaborative nature of the institutions.

If you have questions about PALNI's Visual Identity guidelines, contact the Strategic Communications Director, Molly Reed.

Primary Colors:



Green: #006838

Gold: #AD972B

Secondary Colors: 



Blue: #32539B

Red: #AA2D2D

Orange: #C16F36

Black: #000000

Tertiary Colors: 


Each of the colors may be used at 40% opacity

Green: #99C3AF

Gold: #DED5AA

Blue: #ADBAD7


Orange: #E6C5AF

Black: #ADADAD


Logo Serif: 
Adobe Caslon Pro (Bold)

Body-text Serif:
Garamond (Adobe Garamond Pro preferred)

Helvetica (Arial for PC users and Google Docs)

Graphics Downloads:

Powerpoint Template

We are using Google Slides as the platform for our slide template. Please contact Molly Reed for access rights.


Page Design Templates

For Report Covers: Report Cover Template

For documents: Document Template

For external letters: Document Template (letters going outside the libraries must have permission from the ED and EC before sending)

  • Include the PALNI logo at the top right in the header
  • Include the PALNI color bar in the footer above the page number
  • Include the PALNI address under the color bar in Italics
  • Include the official PALNI seal at the bottom of the letter

PALNI Color Bar

All PALNI Color Bar files can be found in the Staff Drive:


Unacceptable Use

The PALNI visual identity must not be distorted in any way. Distortion includes any modification to the logo (other than size or approved colour variations) that would alter its original design by adding to, or removing, elements.

The logo will always appear on a horizontal axis. It must not be tilted or placed at any alternate angle, nor should it be placed in a shape.

  • Use only the approved color palette when reproducing the logo.
  • Logo colors cannot be reversed.
  • Use only the approved typeface when reproducing the logo.

Noun Project Access

PALNI staff has access to the Noun Project Pro! Please contact Molly Reed for login details. Must be PALNI staff/coords to have access.


  • No attributions required
  • Ability to change color of icons
  • Awesome apps integrated into products you already use -