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PALNI Communication Manual: Contacting OCLC Support

Contacting OCLC Support

Contact Support

Phone: 1-800-848-5800 (Always feel free to call support, even if your ticket was opened via email, and especially if you are having trouble with email communication. OCLC prefers phone calls to clear up misunderstandings.


ScreenShare:  OCLC is willing to screenshare to resolve problems, do not hesitate to ask to screenshare as part of the support process

PALNI receives weekly reports from OCLC support of all open PALNI service requests. PALNI staff are monitoring these reports for issues that need extra intervention.

You can see the status and view a list of service requests for your institution on the OCLC Support Portal (

Effective Support Ticket Wording

The most effective tickets are those that are explained using the "Use Case scenario" that OCLC developer network promotes:

    As a [librarian]

    I want [Y behavior]

    So that [I can do Z]

"When we open the display, we expect to see Y behavior so that we can do Z, but instead we see X.  This is a problem because X doesn't allows us to do Z."

System Down

If an entire production system or module is unusable for all users, immediately call 1-800-848-5800 (24/7 hotline) (no need to first check whether other PALNI libraries are down, etc.). The support number becomes an after hours "system down" hotline, so you may want to make sure evening staff or on call supervisors have the number handy.

OCLC Outage Website:

OCLC Twitter (reports outages):

Community Center

Overall Product Support Site:

Product Discussion (World-wide) Sign up for Various list-servs: