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Virtual bookclub open to anyone employed by a PALNI school


PALReads is a virtual bookclub open to anyone employed by a PALNI school. Each meeting held in Zoom will be focused on a discussion of a reading. Readings can include articles, blog posts, short video clips, podcasts, and more!

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October's reading discussion is scheduled for Thursday, October 12th at 10 AM.

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Browsing through Bias: The Library of Congress Classification and Subject Headings for African American Studies and LGBTQIA Studies: 0 votes (0%)
Problem with Grit: Dismantling Deficit Thinking in Library Instruction: 0 votes (0%)
Accessibility for Justice: Accessibility as a Tool for Promoting Justice in Librarianship: 0 votes (0%)
Teaching information literacy: Developing an online course for faculty: 0 votes (0%)
Public Libraries Aren’t Essential Services: 0 votes (0%)
The Contested One-Shot: Deconstructing Power Structures to Imagine New Futures: 0 votes (0%)
White Supremacy Culture: 0 votes (0%)
Total Votes: 0

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Information Fluency Coordinators
Ruth Szpunar and Eric Bradley coordinate PALNI collaboration and communication on Reference, Instruction, and Outreach activities and develop best practices. They also assist libraries in providing support, services, and product information for learning, teaching, and research, as well as ways to assess and demonstrate that impact. Eric Bradley is the Head of Research & Instruction for Goshen College's Good Library. Both Ruth and Eric are co-founders of Aestiva Solutions.