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Welcome and Overview

Welcome to the PALNI LMS Evaluation Planning Toolkit

This resource houses material created and identified by PALNI's LMS Evaluation Task Force to assist member institutions embarking upon the process of an existing Learning Management System (LMS) examination and/or change.

The toolkit divides the LMS (re)examination and/or change into four project phases, viewed using the tabs above:    

Includes questions and considerations to help decide whether or not to conduct an LMS review


Offers ideas and recommendations on how to prepare for an LMS review once a decision has been made to move forward


Details how to execute the plan you have prepared and what to watch out for along the way


Describes how to implement the new LMS system if a decision is made to change


Each phase identifies major steps that may occur in sequence, in parallel, or independently. Communication and change management tips were identified by the task force as being critical to the success of an LMS Evaluation project and have been included as sidebars within the tabs of each phase of this guide. One goal of this toolkit is to provide a flexible LMS Evaluation process that can be beneficial no matter what phase your institution is currently working in. It is important to note that this LMS Evaluation process is only a guideline. It is important for your institution to create a process that is manageable and that meets your institutional needs.

We Want Your Feedback

Change Management & Communication

Change Management 

Throughout the process of LMS Evaluation, change management will need to be addressed. Even early inquiries about the existing LMS can trigger anxiety about a potential change to the environment for an instructor or student and should be considered during each phase of the evaluation process.


Communication was cited as one of the most critical issues when considering and potentially undertaking an LMS migration. Communication considerations and suggestions have been placed on each page and are tailored to address the respective tabbed content.

Throughout the communication process, remember that students are a key communication target, especially in regards to access points to the new system. 

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