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PALNI's Information Literacy Assessment Toolkit

Information Literacy Assessment Toolkit

info lit assessment toolkit

Welcome to the Information Literacy Assessment Toolkit for PALNI librarians.

This guide highlights:

  • best practices for program-level & course-level info lit assessment
  • tools for both classroom assessment and librarian evaluation

In an effort to "assist libraries in providing support and services for learning, teaching, and research and to assess and demonstrate that impact" (SIG), the Information Literacy Assessment Task Force investigated "best practices for assessment of information fluency and instruction" (G1).

Referenced Materials

The following citations were used as the foundation for this guide. Further resources can be found on the Bibliography page.

  • Oakleaf, M. (2009). Writing information literacy assessment plans: A guide to best practiceCommunications in Information Literacy, 3(2), 80–90. 
    Oakleaf advocates "comprehensive information literacy assessment plans, composed of program-level and outcome-level (course) components."
  • Zald, A. E., & Gilchrist, D. (2008). Instruction and program design through assessment. In Christopher N. Cox & Elizabeth Blakesley Lindsay (Eds.), Information Literacy Instruction Handbook (pp.164-192). Chicago, IL: American Library Association.  
    Zald and Gilchrist discuss design of student learning "in order to affirm students' learning of information literacy concepts."

IL Assessment Task Force

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This guide was created in 2017 by a task force of PALNI librarians. 

Task Force Members:
Jessica Mahoney [Chair] | Franklin College 
Eric Bradley | Goshen College / PALNI 
Rebecca Johnson |
[formerly] Manchester University
Sally Neal | Butler University
Edita Sicken |
[formerly] Manchester University
Ruth Szpunar | PALNI

Parts of this guide were updated in 2020 by a task force of PALNI librarians. 

Task Force Members:
Kristina Brewer | Trine University
Jessica Mahoney | Franklin College
Edward Mandity | Marian University
Ruth Szpunar | PALNI
Z. Sylvia Yang | DePauw University

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