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Camp RIO 2021: Prepare for your trip

Transitioning beyond COVID: Camp RIO 2021 was held Aug 9-10, 2021, at Lake Placid Christian Conference Center


Camp RIO will be held at Lake Placid Christian Conference Center. All of our lodging and activities will be held in the Retreat Center.


Camp RIO will be informal and involve time outdoors, so please dress in comfortable clothes.


We encourage everyone to take this chance to unplug while at camp. Printed copies of all readings to be done at camp will be provided, and we encourage you to leave your devices (laptops, iPads, etc) at home.  Additionally, expect spotty cell phone coverage as we will be in rural Indiana.


All meals will be provided. Our venue does not permit alcohol or smoking on the premises so please leave those items at home.


Your room will have a linen package consisting of sheets, pillow, thermal blanket, towel/washcloth.


Everyone will receive camp swag, office supplies, and more. You should be able to pack light!

Photography and Videography

Please let us know if you would prefer not to be in photos and videos. Otherwise PALNI's marketing team will be using images and videos for PALNI's social media and other purposes.