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RIO Meeting Fall 2017 -- Tech Tools for RIO Librarians: Breakout Sessions

Breakout session notes

Technology Experiences

1.      What criteria do you commonly use to evaluate potential use of technology?
Most of us agreed that price (free) is taken into consideration.  Also, most of us mentioned learning outcomes.  We don’t want to be caught in the trap of using technology for the sake of using technology, but rather we want to use technology if it helps with a learning outcome.

2.     How do we keep current with technology?
word of mouth, conferences, Butler has a Center for Academic Technology that sends out a monthly newsletter. 

3.     How can you use technology in an old (non-technology friendly) space?
Responses varied as some of us have control over our library spaces and some of us don’t.  Kristina mentioned the PALNI innovation grants as one avenue, citing St. Joe as an example.

4.     Wifi policies?
Most libraries have guest wifi access in their libraries (Manchester, Trine, Butler, and Grace included).  Franklin does not.  How do you work with an ITS department that sets their own campus-wide policies without keeping access to library resources, such as walk-in users, in consideration?  Should libraries allow general internet access to everyone?