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Instructional Technology Summit

It's time to dream and DO big things, together!
23 institutions, together.
Just imagine...

A shared CMS? Why not!? 
Group purchasing of premier Instructional Design software? Let's go for it!
Centralized Copyright Expertise? Let's at least think about it!

Bring your ideas to the table. We have cake pops waiting for you there.


What it is:

A one-day summit centered around the challenges and opportunities presented by instructional technology in PALNI institutions. Librarians, instructional technologists, designers, and developers, are all working more closely together than ever before to identify collaborative solutions to these issues.  

What we hope to achieve:

  • Build your network and relationships with others in the Indiana private academic higher education community

  • Share ideas which will result in strategic collaboration between individuals and institutions to discuss and solve challenges on our campuses

  • Discuss communication or group structures that will foster ongoing collaboration and partnerships between institutions

Who's invited to the table:

Any campus personnel (librarians, designers, developers, technologists, administrators) supporting use of instructional technology.



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Summit Leadership

Summit hosted by PALNI and made possible by the outstanding leadership team:

Noah Brubaker - PALNI  |  Fritz Hartman - Goshen College  |  Tom Janke - Butler University  |  Dr. Sarah Nestor - University of St. Francis  |  Debbie Seaver - Hanover College