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Information on how to use CONTENTdm to add your digitized content to the PALNI Digital Collections


Welcome to the CONTENTdm Documentation LibGuide. Created by the PALNI Digital Admin Team,
this guide provides information on how to use CONTENTdm to add your digitized content to the PALNI Digital Collections. 

PDAT Charge

Administer and provide support for PALNI's digital asset platform for archival collections. Maintain system policies and recommend best practices for digital content management. Ensure data source interoperability with Indiana Memory, DPLA, and the PALNI discovery layer. As part of Scholarly Communications, work with other teams and task forces (primarily the Institutional Repository Task Force) on specific projects.

Copyright Notice

PALNI's CONTENTdm Documentation is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. PALNI’s logos and branding template are not covered by this license, and all rights to such material are reserved.

Creative Commons License

Team Members

Darla Haines, Chair
Manchester University

Janice Gustaferro
Butler University
Sudha Anand
DePauw University
Eric Bradley
Goshen College