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Creative Outreach Ideas: Wikipedia Lesson Plans

Wikipedia Lesson Plans

The Basics of Editing Wikipedia

While there are a variety of online instructions on Editing Wikipedia, the following are lesson plans or guided tutorials for first time users.

#1Lib1Ref Lesson Plan (10-20 minutes)
Bi-annual hack-a-thon's editing lesson to partipicants

The Wikipedia Adventure (60 minutes)
Interactive online tutorial in 7 sections

  • Say Hello to the World
  • An Invitation to Earth
  • Small Changes, Big Impact
  • The Neutral Point of View
  • The Veil of Verifiability
  • The Civility Code
  • Looking Good Together

Wiki Education Student Training Modules (90 minutes)
"Basic" section includes 5 guided online tutorial

  • Wikipedia policies (25 minutes)
  • Sandboxes, talk pages, and watchlists (15 minutes)
  • How to edit: Wikicode vs Visual Editor (20 minutes)
  • Evaluating articles and sources (20 minutes)
  • Finding your article (10 minutes)

Art + Feminism's Learn to Edit Resources
Visually appealing instructions and videos.

Existing Wikipedia Edit-a-thon (Hackathon) events

Biannual event encouraging reference librarians to conduct training lessons and edit-a-thons on Wikipedia. Great (although limited) lesson plan.

Art+Feminism Wikipedia-edit-a-thon 
Includes a great “quick guide” for organizers Also has a great visual “How to Edit” page

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