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Creative Outreach Ideas: Relaxation Station Ideas

Relaxation Station Ideas






Origami folding

Origami paper, printed instructions

Cost of paper (~$10 for 500 sheets) ; for a more “crafty” option, cut squares from weeded book pages

See printables folder ; consider having a tablet with videos or an instruction book 


Printed pages, colored pencils and/or markers

Cost of craft paper (~$15 for a large pack and pens (~$10 for a nice set) (Total ~$30)

See printables folder 

“Zentangle” doodling

Paper, pens, traceable objects

Cost of craft paper (~$15 for a large pack) and pens (~$10 for a nice set) (Total ~$30)

Zentangle instructions and examples

Stretching / calming movements / yoga 

Instructor (or app, or instruction sheet), music, room to sit and meditate, 

Free unless paying instructor (~$70/hr)

See printables folder ; RAM Fitness has many printables for all types of stretching 

Guided meditation 

Instructor (or app?), music, room to sit and meditate

Free unless paying instructor (~$70/hr)

Recommended apps

Snowflake / paper cutting

Paper, scissors, tray for snippings

Cost of paper (~$10 for 500 sheets), scissors (~$10 for a variety pack), trays (~$5 for aluminium disposables) (total ~$25)

See printables folder for instructions ; Recommend square paper (can reuse origami paper, scrap, buy white squares); recommend having a variety of scissor sizes 

Blackout poetry 

Loose book pages, markers, watercolor pens, etc. 

Cost of pens/markers (~$10); pull pages from weeded books

Blackout poetry instructions

Therapy animals 

A dog or two (usually a pet shelter is a good place to recruit volunteers) 


Therapy Dogs International library visits 



Play-doh, shaping tools

Multi-pack of Play-doh (~$14) and molding tools (~$10) (Total ~$24)


Lego / building kits

Lego, Lincoln logs, etc.

~$20-40 for sets


Create your own stress ball 

Balloons, flour, funnel

~$15 for all materials

Recommended tutorial 

Aromatherapy / hand relaxation 

Essential oils/lotion, instructor/instruction sheets

~$20 for a set of oils or set of lotions

Movement guide 

5-minute Massages 

Massage chairs, masseuses 

~$75 per masseuse per hour (average cost)

Look for massage trade schools for a lower-cost option 

Nap room

Pillows, blankets, white noise machine, quiet and unoccupied room 

White noise app (free), blankets (pack of 12 ~$45)

Recommended white noise apps


Jigsaw puzzles, crossword puzzles (“world’s largest” is recommended), brain teaser puzzles

Free, or between ~$5-20 for puzzles 


Pumpkin carving 

Newspaper, pumpkins, knives, buckets, candles/electric candles, markers

~$50 for carving kits, ~$24 for 70 LED candles (~$74 total) 

Planning overview from Programming Librarian, free stencils from Pumpkin Lady

Edible book contest

Disposable plates, forks, napkins

Cost of disposables (~$30)

See Event guides folder in the PALNI drive 

Baked good contest (ie, Pi Day)

Disposable plates, forks, napkins

Cost of disposables (~$30)

See Event guides folder in the PALNI drive 

Letter writing / card stations (for students to thank profs, friends, librarians, etc)

Thank you cards, pens

~$20 for a Variety pack of 50 cards and a pack of pens

See printables folder for letter-writing tips 

Stress ReDUCKtion scavenger hunt

Rubber duckies and prizes (snacks, candy, school supplies, eye masks, tea, etc.)

Pack of rubber ducks (~$10 for 50), assorted prizes (~$80) (~$90 total)

Instructions from Programming Librarian 

Are you smarter than a professor? / Trivia nights

Kahoot! app, presentation materials, a willing professor or two

Free, or ~$15 for gift card prizes 

See this program model for tips, sources, and  suggested rules

Board game event

Board games, instructors, snacks

Cost of board games, snacks (~$20)

See this program model for ideas and advice for small-scale events