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Creative Outreach Ideas: Escape Room Kit

About the Escape Room Kit

The PALNI Escape Room kit is available from the Info Coordinators. Just e-mail to arrange transport.

The kit comes in a suitcase for easy transport. Inside the suitcase is:

A briefcase, with combination lock Everest Carry-On Briefcase, Black, One Size
A countdown timer
A padlock with a key
A safe with a combination lock

Plus, dice, a notebook, puzzle pieces and more!

Escape Room Scenario

Zombie outbreak at homecoming
A zombie virus has broken out on campus during the big homecoming game. Fans, coaches, the band, and the teams are all infected. You and your friends have managed to narrowly get away. Your biology professor has luckily created a cure but was bitten while trying to administer the cure. Before he turned, he managed to hide the cure away in a safe and hide clues so he would not be tempted to destroy it while he was still turning. He also hid in the library a key to the back entrance for escaping. The clues for the safe are hidden around the library. Solve the clues and find the antidote and the key to escape out the back door with your friends before time runs out and you are eaten by a hoard of fired up zombie football players.