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Accessibility: How to Make Digital Assets Accessible: Infographics


If the information conveyed in an infographic is crucial, then it must be made accessible to all viewers. Infographics are a challenge not only for individuals with visually impairments, but also for individuals with cognitive disabilities that make it difficult to follow complex designs or find design elements distracting.

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Accessibility Guidelines for Infographics

This is an overview of the elements that require special consideration when creating infographics. Please review one of the Additional Resources for detailed instructions on any of the following:‚Äč

  • Design the infographic using best accessibility practices for color contrast and use of color.
  • Provide long alternative text or transcript that conveys the content OR
  • Provide HTML/CSS so a screen reader can access the content.


WebAIM: Example of an accessible infographic  Utah State University

How to Video

Accessible Infographic with transcript

Additional Resources

Accessibility Check

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