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Faculty / Librarian Collaboration Toolkit: Bibliography & Survey Data

Investigate and support best practices in faculty and librarian collaboration to more effectively meet local institution and library missions and serve the campus community.

Bibliography & Survey Data

Check out each section to see a selected literature review with key findings by topic.
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This survey, conducted in Spring 2018, was the first step of the task force. It was sent to (then) all 22 PALNI schools to find out what collaborations were already taking place, from the Librarian's perspective, at the various institutions, and guage the satisfaction level with those interactions.

Response Statistics

  • 20 of 22 Institutions Represented
  • 32 total responses
  • 11 Directors/Associate Directors
  • 8 Reference/Instruction Librarians
  • 3 Subject Specialist/Liaison Librarians
  • 2 Resource Sharing/Access Specialists
  • 2 Information Services/Commons Librarian
  • 6 Who didn’t follow directions

Faculty Interests and Committees

Do you serve on university committees with faculty members?

Which types of committees do you serve on with faculty, and in what capacity?

Collection Development

How do you currently engage faculty in the collection development and maintenance process? (check all that apply)

Are faculty actively involved in trials of new databases?

Do faculty collaborate with librarians to create course or program-specific Library Guides (LibGuides) at your institution?

Bibliographic Instruction

How does your institution engage with faculty before presenting information literacy instruction sessions?

Do faculty provide requested material, such as syllabi or assignments, prior to instructional sessions?

Do faculty members participate in your information literacy sessions?

What type of feedback do faculty provide after an information literacy session?

Liaison Program

Does your institution offer a liaison program?

Are you an active participant in the Liaison program?

Do the liaisons attend department meetings within their discipline?

Do the liaisons actively participate or make presentations during departmental meetings?

Library Planning & Satisfaction Levels

Does your institution have a Library Advisory Council that includes faculty members?

Are faculty members involved in the library's strategic planning process at your institution?

What metrics or methods do you currently use to track your faculty interactions? (Check all that apply)

Please estimate how often you collaborate with faculty on the following activities:

How many faculty currently collaborate with the library?

How would you rate your overall satisfaction with the collaboration between faculty and librarians at your institution?

This survey sent to faculty of PALNI schools, was conducted in Spring 2018 and 2019.  It was sent to find out faculty perceptions on their working relationship with librarians, specifically related to committee work, collection development, library instruction, liaison programs, and library planning.

Response Statistics

  • 11 of 24 Institutions Represented
  • 136 total responses
  • 119 full time faculty
  • 16 adjuncts

Institutional Information

Do librarians have faculty status at your institution?

Faculty Interests and Committees

In what ways have a librarian contacted you in an attempt to learn more about your teaching and research interests? (check all that apply)

Do you serve on university committees with library members?

Do you feel the librarian brings valued participation and/or collaboration to the committee?

Collection Development

How have you collaborated with librarians in collection development? (check all that apply)

How are you involved with your library’s deselection process (withdrawal of items in the collection)?

Have you ever been involved with the trial of a new database?

Have you collaborated with librarians to create course or program-specific Library Guides (e.g. LibGuides) at your institution?

Library Instruction

Have you ever requested a librarian visit your class to provide instruction on information literacy or research?

In what ways do you engage with librarians before they provide instruction in your course?

Do you provide the librarian with materials, such as syllabi or assignments, prior to instructional sessions?

How do you participate in the library instruction sessions given to your classes? (Check all that apply)

Do you feel like you have an adequate way to provide feedback after an library instruction session?

What is the impact of librarian led instruction?

Liaison Program

Is there a liaison or subject librarian connected to your department?

Have you ever interacted with the liaison or subject librarian assigned to your department?

Do the liaison or subject librarians attend your department meetings?

Does your institution have a Library Advisory Council that includes faculty members?

Which of the following opportunities does your institution employ to allow faculty a chance to voice their opinions on library services? (Check all that apply)

Are faculty members involved in the library's strategic planning process at your institution?

Do you feel satisfied with the level of engagement with the library’s strategic planning process?

Library Planning and Satisfaction Levels

How would you rate your overall satisfaction with the collaboration between faculty and librarians at your institution?

Faculty / Librarian Collaboration Task Force

Private Academic Library Network of Indiana logo

This guide was created by a task force of PALNI librarians. 

Task Force Members:
Kate Blinn | Earlham College
Eric Bradley | Goshen College / PALNI
Kristina Brewer | Trine University
Andrea Cohn | University of Saint Francis
Tonya Fawcett | Grace College
Edita Sicken | Manchester University
Sheri Stormes | Butler University