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SUSHI Configuration and COUNTER Harvesting in WMS License Manager: License Manager and Group Reports

Reports and Report Designer Documentation

OCLC Documentation

WorldShare Reports - EResources reports - this documentation includes details about standard reports that are available once COUNTER data has been harvested in License Manager.

E-Resources COUNTER 5 Universe objects - a list of available data points from License Manager COUNTER 5 SUSHI harvests. There is a separate data universe for COUNTER 4. Data refresh for E-Resources Universes is on the first of the month, as well as on a daily basis for some data objects.

E-Resource Reports Available as Group Reports

Group Reports From the E-Resources Universe

Select COUNTER reports harvested in License Manager via SUSHI are available for reporting in Analytics. There reports include JR1, JR2, BR1 and DB1. The standard reports for E-Resources include JR1, BR1 and DB1, while JR2 is only available via Report Designer. The same reports and the same data are available at the group report level for PALNI libraries. Selected PALNI staff have access to these group level reports.

Sample Group Reports from the E-Resources Universe

PALNI JR2 Denial Reports - these JR2 reports from calendar years 2017-2018 includes journal titles where the patron was denied access for reasons such as turnaways or no license.

Group Reports from the Overlap Universe

The Overlap universe include collection names and collection IDs to compare title lists in KB collections The group report level include collection owning institution information to determine whether an institution has selected part or all of a collection in the KB.

Sample Group Reports from the Overlap Universe

PALNI SUSHI Vendors - this visualization combines a list of available configurable SUSHI vendors with an group report that includes the Collection Owning Institution name from the Overlap universe.

KB Collection Group Report and SUSHI Vendors