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Camp RIO 2016: Prepare for your trip

Camp RIO 2016 was held August 11-12th, 2016 at Merry Lea Environmental Center, located near Goshen College


Camp RIO will be informal and involve time outdoors, so please dress in comfortable clothes.


For those staying in the dorms, bedding will be provided, but please bring your own towel and washcloth.


Everyone will receive a Camp bag filled with office supplies, snacks, bug spray/sunscreen, and more. You should be able to pack light!

Are you a coffee drinker?  Please bring one of your favorite mugs to use while you are at camp!  This way we'll know what cup belongs to which camper, and we'll be able to put a few less cups in the landfill!

Parking for daytime attendees

Camp RIO will be held at Merry Lea Environmental Center’s Farmstead and Reith Village.

Day time events will be held at the Farmstead, located at 2152 S 425 W, Albion, IN 46701.

Map to Camp RIO / Merry Lea


We encourage everyone to take this chance to unplug while at camp. Printed copies of all readings to be done at camp will be provided, and we encourage you to leave your devices (laptops, iPads, etc) at home.


All meals and snacks will be provided, including breakfast, lunch and dinner on Thursday and breakfast and lunch on Friday.

Parking for overnight attendees

Onsite lodging and many evening events will be held at the Reith Village, located at 4415 W 200 S, Albion, IN 46701.  While Reith Village is within short hiking distance from the Farmstead, overnight campers will want to park here for duration of Camp RIO.