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PALNI Onboarding Manual: PALNI Acronyms

PALNI Acronyms and Terminology

PALNI Acronyms

AABC Affinities & Affiliations Board Committee
ACRL Association of College and Research Libraries
AD Associate Director (formerly Assistant Director )
ALI Academic Libraries of Indiana
ALA American Library Association
CDM CONTENTdm digital library software
CMD Communications & Marketing Director (formerly Digital Communications Manager)
Collections Collections Management Policy Group
CommComm Communication Committee
DCM Digital Communications Manager (now Communications & Marketing Director)
Devel Development Group
DevelC Development Coordinator
DPLA Digital Public Library of America
EC Executive Committee
ED Executive Director
ESC Engaging Stakeholders Board Commitee
FRBR Functional Requirements for Bibliographic Records (or, glomming records together in catalog results based on similarity)
Fulfill Fullfillment Advisory Group
FulfillC Fullfillment Coordinator
ICI Independent Colleges of Indiana
ICOLC  International Coalition of Library Consortia
INAP Information Needs Assessment Project
Info Information Fluency Coordinators
InTECH Instructional Technology Group
IR Institutional Repository Group
KB Knowledge Base
KB/LM or KBL KnowledgeBase and License Manager
KBLM L KnowledgeBase and License Manager Librarian
MARC Machine Readable Cataloging (the format that our bibliographic records live in inside the computer)
MCLS Midwest Collaborative Library Services
NACO Naming Authority Cooperative
OA Open Access AND Office Administrator
OCLC Originally, Ohio College Library Center, then Online Computer Library Center (now at times just a 4-letter word)
OER Open Educational Resources
OUP Oxford University Press
PALDigital PALNI Digital User Group (CONTENTdm and other digital projects)
PALNI Private Academic Library Network of Indiana
PALNIDir PALNI Directors Wiki
PALNIHub Intranet
PALShare Consortial Material Sharing Program
PDAT PALNI Digital Admin Team (CONTENTdm)
RAC  Resource Advisory Committee (part of ALI)
RIO Reference Instruction Outreach Advisory Group
ROI Return on Investment (Board Committee)
SCD Scholarly Communications Director
SI Strategic Initiative (Strategic Plan)
SLA Service Level Agreement
SP Strategic Plan
SR Service Request (OCLC)
SRCS Indiana's Statewide Remote Circulation System
Staff C&C Staffing Capacity and Coordination Board Committee
TechServ or TSST Technical Services Support and Training Advisory Group (now under WMSW – WMS Workflows Group)
WCL WorldCat Local
WMS WorldShare Management System (by OCLC)
WMSW WMS Workflows Group