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PALNI Communication Manual: Meeting Norms and Etiquette

This manual covers the basics of communicating within PALNI.

Group Interaction Norms

The norms below were collected and agreed upon during a PALNI strategic planning meeting held August 7th and 8th 2014.  These group interaction norms were collected to ensure we are able to maintain an engaging  and equitable community and foster deeper understand and collaboration opportunities where possible.


  • Be respectful  
  • Adopt openness, there are no bad ideas in a conversation  
  • Share your ideas
  • Ask questions freely
  • Listen to others’ ideas  
  • Drive toward outcomes  
  • Future focused  
  • Be responsible for your own learning  
  • Act conscientiously,  we cohere so we don’t splinter off
  • Respect and acknowledge our different priorities  
  • Strategically risky: push beyond comfort zone  
  • Interact pleasantly. Work is important AND can enjoy it! (Not life or death)  
  • Be efficient, make the best use of time & resources  
  • To resolve conflict begin by seeking to understand the real issue and all points of view  
  • We are all working for the same people our patrons/users  
  • Take care of yourself
  • Have fun!

Rules for Group Meetings

  1. The agenda and related documents should be published on the Web site ahead of time. This is not meant to be a limit of the agenda so that no issues can be discussed unless prior announcement.
  2. PALNI’s open meetings rules will be operational
  3. Minutes of the meeting should be reviewed by those present and be posted to the PALNI Web site within fourteen days of the meeting as unapproved minutes subject to approval at the next meeting. (The approved minutes should replace the initial posting following approval.)

Originally from " PALNI Board and Executive Committee Meeting Etiquette" Revision 2008