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PALNI Communication Manual: Online Meetings

Online Meetings

Zoom has created some awesome, short video tutorials on how to operate Zoom. Some of the most requested are listed below:

Hosting a Virtual/Zoom Meeting:

Web conferencing space is available to all PALNI Groups, Task Forces, Admin Teams, Coordinators and Experts.

NOTE: For Zoom meetings, please reserve your meeting time on the calendar by emailing to set up and provide further details.  

You have a few options when preparing to host a virtual meeting based on group size:

  1. 5 participants or less

    1. Google Hangouts Encouraged -  Use of Google Hangouts will allow you to schedule your own meetings with your own account.  You will need to create a free Google account first and will then be able to create a Hangout.  The most common method to create a Hangout would be to schedule via Google Calendar, please see instructions here:  

    2. Zoom room (see below)

  2. 6-100 participants: PALNI has 20 zoom rooms available that can host up to 100 participants at once. Every PALNI staff, coordinator, and many steering members have personal access to a room. PALNI does have a generic login if needed. Request a zoom room by emailing

Due to the increase in security hacks, PALNI has tightened up our settings to ensure we are best protected from "Zoom Pirates."

  1. Screensharing is locked down to Host only by default. The host can share the rights with other participants when needed during the meeting.
  2. The PALNI Calendar (with Zoom links) is no longer publicly viewable.
  3. Attendees are muted upon entry

Zoom License

As of 2017, PALNI uses an education version of Zoom with no additional add-ons. 


  • 20 Virtual Zoom instances that can run simultaneously with up to 100 participants each.
  • Breakout rooms within each Zoom instance
  • Whiteboard
  • Simultaneous screen sharing
  • Control passing
  • Recording - on local desktop or the cloud (up to a share 10gb)

Not Available: 

  • Zoom Rooms (these are physical rooms with built-in Zoom capabilities)
  • Zoom Webinar
  • Room connector
  • or Zoom Integrations