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Instruction Ideas and Activities: Using Sources

Creative activities RIO librarians use in library instruction

Zotero Activity - Tillie Yoder

This is an introduction to using the Zotero reference management software in upper level (junior, senior) social sciences classes.  During class, demonstrate how to make an account and create folders. Have students add two articles, two books, 2 websites, and a tweet to their Zotero account during class. After class, students feel like they are entering “the real world of scholarship.”

Tips to make the session go smoother: tell the class beforehand to bring computers, not tablets or phones; check Zotero for updates before class; set up an example of your own research using Zotero for demonstration; encourage students to come to class with research ideas; if possible, have students sign up for and download Zotero before class.

Literature Review Puzzle - Brandon Bosch, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Citation Race - Ruth Szpunar

Take a citation for an item, cut it into pieces. Maybe even include extra/unnecessary pieces. Then, divide the class into teams, have them race to put the citations in the correct order.  You could also give them the pieces for 2 or 3 citations and make them figure out which pieces are for which citations.