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Instruction Ideas and Activities: Reference

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Reference Activity -- Eric @ Goshen

For a biology research class I teach a library session which includes, among other things, using reference sources.  I point out a online reference database, AccessScience, and point out how to search and use science related dictionaries and encyclopedias.  Then I follow up with the class completing this activity.  My favorite part of this piece is I get to say "Hey, guess what? You can do these same things when using Wikipedia too!"

Reference Activity -- Access Science

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Information Fluency Coordinators
Ruth Szpunar and Eric Bradley coordinate PALNI collaboration and communication on Reference, Instruction, and Outreach activities and develop best practices. They also assist libraries in providing support, services, and product information for learning, teaching, and research, as well as ways to assess and demonstrate that impact. Eric Bradley is the Head of Research & Instruction for Goshen College's Good Library. Both Ruth and Eric are co-founders of Aestiva Solutions.
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