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Accessibility: Creating a Culture of Outreach: Students

This guide collects accessibility information for different campus stakeholders to enhance and develop accessibility outreach and culture on campus.

Our Obligation to Students

The text, "Students with Disabilities," in front of an image of a person sitting cross-legged and typing on a laptop.

Students With Disabilities:

Our goal is to create an accessible and inclusive learning environment for all students with disabilities.  We work to create partnerships between students, faculty and staff so all students can participate fully in a rich and satisfying college career.

The *Disability Services Office at *insert institution provides accommodations for students with disabilities.  Students facing the challenges of physical, sensory, psychological, or learning disabilities must provide documentation to the *Disability services director/insert title prior to receiving services.  

Equitable Access

Whether a student has a disability or not, they are entitled to fair access to their education.  This refers to the notion that every student in any classroom in America should have the same opportunity as any other student for being taught.  This means that we will strive to provide assistance and resources to all students on campus to succeed in their higher education.  For more information, get in touch with **insert contact person/information

**OPTIONAL: Link to institution statement(s) on accessibility and equity (if one exists)

Students' Rights

A check list icon followed by the text, "Student Rights."

Students with disabilities at the **INSERT INSTITUTION have the right to:

  • information in accessible formats
  • confidentiality: information about a students' disability will not be disclosed without the written permission of the student, unless it is required by law, or on a need-to-know basis
  • an equal opportunity to learn
  • reasonable and effective accommodations and services, determined on an individual basis

Student Experience: Enrollment to Graduation

The word, "Enrollment" followed by a map start to finish line and pin followed by the word, "Graduation."

To give an idea of the process for a student, here is a general outline of their college experience.

  • Ideally before the first semester
    • The student collects and submits documentation of their disability to the **INSERT DISABILITY SERVICES DEPT NAME
    • The student meets with **INSERT TITLE/DIRECTOR to set up a list of accommodations
  • Around the beginning of every semester
    • **INSERT TITLE/DIRECTOR will write a letter of accommodation for the student
    • The student is responsible for providing that letter of accommodation to each professor
    • The **INSERT DISABILITY SERVICES may share student information with a specialist/coordinate/support person to begin identifying resources (audiobooks, accessible texts, etc.)
  • When the Letter of Accommodation (LOA) is shared with a professor (ideally at the beginning of the semester or before)
    • The professor is now required to and begins the process to provide listed accommodations (and is required to keep student information private)
    • The professor may contact the **DEPARTMENT/DIRECTOR/SUPPORT PERSON NAME/INFO for assistance providing accommodations as appropriate

Faculty Requirements

Professors must:

  • Maintain a student's confidentiality
  • Learn about resources available for students
  • Make themselves accessible for discussion of accommodations with the student
  • Provide accommodations according to the determination of the **INSERT NAME OF DISABILITY SERVICES
  • Maintain the standards of academic programs and requirements of a class

Denied Accommodations

**Each institution can/should decide if they want to make this information widely available

Here's a brief listing of the four instances when an accommodation may be denied.

  1. Direct threat to the health or safety of others
  2. Substantial change in an essential element of curriculum
  3. Substantial alteration in the matter in which services are provided
  4. Undue financial or administrative burden

*An accommodation can be denied for the following reasons, but we will continue to work with the student to ensure there is some access.